Our Story

Hi! Here is the story behind the brand. While creating clothes started as a hobby, it soon became a passion and a dream, to be able to do it as a job. I have lived in Europe, Africa and Asia, where I tasted from several fashion influences and design approaches. It only nourished my ambition and THIS DREAM.​

As a mother of 3, I was often confronted with dress up drama. I wanted my kids to wear elegant, qualitative and eco-responsible clothes. Instead, they were drawn to clothes that were (fast-)fashionable, comfortable and had bold prints. There had to be a mutually approved solution....That’s where my idea was born and grew.

I work with end of stock fabrics, that I carefully select on aesthetics and quality. Therefor, I can only create a handful of the same pieces before I run out of fabric. This scarcity means that when you invest in a BE MÔME piece, you have an exclusive and limited-edition garment to upgrade your wardrobe.

BE MÔME became the name of my dream project, my brand! My first language is French and ‘Môme’ stands for a strong-willed rascal. This certainly is a trait that my 3 kids share. It sometimes perturbs the harmony in our house ;-) but I surely admire them for being confident, audacious and fearless.

The word ‘Be’, can be seen as a "shout out" to encourage them to be themselves and that I will take their opinion into account– also in the making of the clothes. On the other hand, ‘Be’ stands for Belgium. Living abroad I’ve always been proud of being Belgian. A small country with its innovative fashion, its modest attitude of hardworking entrepreneurs and its openness of mind as real citizens of the world.

I am truly delighted to welcome you at BE MÔME, Camille